Monday, May 7, 2007

5 Films...

So, here's the skinny on why this here blog exists. Every year at CalArts, something of upward of a hundred character animation students work busily and tirelessly to make short student films. These films get compiled into an EIGHT HOUR ANIMEXTRAVAGANZA called the OPEN SHOW which they screen in the illustrious CalArts Cafeteria, and this year I was lucky enough to make it down there and see it!

Eight hours is an awfully long time to watch student films, but amongst all the trial and error, every so often a real treasure will pop up. For the most part, these treasures are compiled into a program called THE PRODUCER'S SHOW, a 90 minute show chronicling the best of the best that the open show has to offer. This year's PRODUCER'S SHOW is coming up this Thursday in North Hollywood, and to be sure it's going to have some really fantastic films in it!

But every so often, the PRODUCER'S SHOW judging panel just messes up. The panel is made up of the faculty and staff of CalArts' Film and Video department. They sit for eight hours watching films, writing scores, and when all is said and done, they tally the results and thus the PRODUCER'S SHOW LIST is born!

The following are five short films that you won't see in the PRODUCER'S SHOW, but they all definietly deserve to be there. I know this because I too sat through all eight hours of the OPEN SHOW, and these five films really shone bright as clever, charming, and creative pieces of art. No one knows why these guys got the snub from the judging panel, to me it seems ridiculous, but I figured these films deserve as much credit as any that got in the show.

So without further ado, I present to you 5 FILMS that you won't see in the Producer's Show, but I think they'll knock your socks off anyway. ENJOY!


"PreHysterical" by Joe Pitt

"Special Delivery" by Steve MacLeod

"A Primer of Chess" by Jules Soto

"Functional Design" by Christian Robinson

"Way Back Home" by Bert Youn